Care of Braces

Boy_Braces_2.jpgTaking care of your teeth and braces is of vital importance to obtain “the perfect smile.” All of our patients need to do their part in helping us achieve a great result. We will instruct you in detail on the proper care of your teeth and braces when you get your braces on. Remember these important points:

  • Visit your family dentist every six months for a cleaning, exam and fluoride application.
  • Brush at least three minutes and floss every night before bed. (We recommend Fluoridex toothpaste)
  • Rinse with ACT mouth rinse.
  • Brush after every meal. (use an ADA approved toothpaste)
  • Reduce or eliminate soda pop (don’t “do the Dew” Mountain Dew is the worst)
  • Don’t bite or chew hard/crunchy foods like hard pizza crust, popcorn and hard candy.
  • Don’t chew on pens/pencils, bite your nails or open things with your teeth.
  • If something comes loose or a wire is sticking, call our office right away.
  • Wear your elastics as instructed.
  • Braces and teeth should be clean and shiny at all times.